40 Romantic Lavender Wedding Ideas

40 Romantic Lavender Wedding Ideas

    Lavender brings romance at once, it’s an ideal theme and decor for your wedding. Whether it’s Provence or any other lavender place, your wedding is gonna be refined and effortlessly chic. If you are still hesitating, I’ll easily prove that lavender is stunning for any spring or summer wedding.

Lavender Fields

    Such fields are amazing for ceremonies and weddings on the whole, these are stunning and romantic locations. Find a lavender field to get married, your wedding shots are gonna be fantastic! Lavender fields will be cool for boho chic, rustic, vintage and just romantic weddings.

Lavender Wedding Decor

    Lavender, dried or potted, is amazing for wedding decor: centerpieces, table runners, aisle and chair decor, napkin decor and candle holders. Give your wedding guests lavender wrapped in burlap or lavender seeds to grow some love. Make amazing lavender letters for decorating your wedding.

Lavender Wedding Bouquets

    Make beautiful lavender bouquets – just lavender with a pretty ribbon bow looks cute. Lavender can be mixed with wheat spikes, roses, peonies and chamomiles or any other flowers you like. Make pretty lavender crowns to echo with your bouquets.

Lavender Wedding Treats

    Decorate your cakes with lavender, order lavender macarons and lavender lemonade for your amazing wedding. Even the simplest cake will look beautiful with fresh or dried lavender ontop.

by Mia

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