40 Fabulous Minimalist Winter Wedding Ideas

Minimalism is ruling the world: it’s very edgy, it’s very laconic and it looks very statement-like. Minimalist weddings are everywhere and each wedding strikes us with style, chic and elegance looking ethereal at the same time. If you are planning a minimalist winter wedding, these ideas may help you to pull it off with chic.

Minimalist Winter Bridal Looks

It’s easier for guys – they just wear super chic suits mostly but what about girls? if you are a bride, you may choose an ultra-minimalist yet extremely elegant plain wedding dress with any silhouette and neckline you like. Accessorize it with a pair of cool heels and statement earrings and you are ready to go! Prefer pants? Then a beautiful jumpsuit with a plunging neckline is your choice! Another super trendy idea is a white pantsuit with an oversized blazer, just add a necklace or a pair of baroque pearl earrings, and your look is royal-worthy!

Minimalist Winter Wedding Ceremony Spaces

I see a minimalist winter wedding ceremony space as an organic one as minimalist decor is often considered unwelcoming and plants will soften it a lot. What you need for an edgy space is a bit of dried grass, flowers and foliage – that’s a hot trend. don’t forget lots of candles for creating a mood, they can form your aisle or can be placed on cinder blocks, for example.

Minimalist Winter Wedding Tablescapes

Minimalist and modern winter weddings are usually done in neutrals or all-white, though you may also see black and white or a bit of muted color with neutrals. Stick to your color scheme and decorate the reception tables with beautiful neutral linens, baby’s breath or dried flower table runners, white fresh flower centerpieces, ultra-modern neutral porcelain and stylish modern cutlery. Don’t forget candles, pillar ones or thin and tall ones, they will help you polish the look.

Minimalist Winter Wedding Cakes

Crown it all with a gorgeous minimalist winter wedding cake! Prefer a buttercream, maybe textural buttercream, version with some dried foliage, blooms, grass, or with a couple of fresh blooms plus a strict geometric shape. Enjoy your polished style!

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