35 Marble Wedding Ideas For A Refined Touch

35 Marble Wedding Ideas For A Refined Touch

    Marble or faux marble decor is on top now, many people use it for decor and not only home decor – weddings, too! Marble is suitable for various themes and styles: glam, modern, minimalist, rustic, geometric and others, you can easily incorporate real or faux marble into decor and even make some decorations yourself. Let’s see what to try.

Wedding Stationary And Signage

    Marble wedding invitations are amazing, and they are gaining more and more popularity now. Marble save the dates, marble place cards and even marble tile coasters as favors are a great idea, and if you can’t afford real marble, that’s not a problem. Use printed paper for stationary and faux marble for place cards, make them yourself to personalize the pieces.

Wedding Backdrops And Aisle Decor

    Marble surfaces are chic and peaceful, they will be perfect for backdrops of any kind, just add some greenery and candles to enliven the cold stone look. you can also cover the aisle with marbleized paper or fabric for a chic modern feel.

Table Decor

    Marble is extremely popular for decorating tables. You can use real marble pieces with geometric decorations and candles for an ideal modern chic tablescape. You may create some marble table numbers and candle holders, and marble plates and chargers will look gorgeous.

Other Ideas

    You can find marbleized food, mostly desserts, like popsicles and cake pops to add more chic to your wedding. Marble seating charts, menus and programs are another great idea, they look gorgeous with calligraphy. Get inspired!

by Mia

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