32 Vivacious Mediterranean Wedding Ideas

32 Vivacious Mediterranean Wedding Ideas

    Many couples opt for a destination wedding today and lots of them choose Mediterranean countries and coasts for tying the knot. how to pull off Mediterranean wedding decor or create such an ambience anywhere you want?

Wedding Stationery

    Rock colorful wedding stationery: yellow, blue, white and green are those colors that you need and incorporate traditional Mediterranean patterns like those that you may see on azulejo tiles. Include botanicals and citrus prints or even prefer handpainted invitations with some watercolor.

Wedding Decor

    Your wedding decor can go two different ways: neutrals and touches of citrus and olives or colorful and vibrant decorations. If you prefer neutrals, add some textures and make centerpieces of olive branches and citrus, make table runners of citrus and fresh greenery. If you go the colorful way, rock blue, fuchsia, yellow, green and white, lush florals, lots of greenery and bright patterns.

Wedding Food

    Serve charcuterie boards, create olive oil and cheese bars, pasta and pizza food stations, get maximum of gorgeous Mediterranean cuisine. Offer your guests delicious naked cakes topped with fruits and berries or a colorful Mediterranean wedding cake with bright patterns.

by Mia

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