31 Edgy Hexagon Wedding Ideas

31 Edgy Hexagon Wedding Ideas

    Geometric wedding decor is extremely popular now, and it easily fits most of wedding themes and styles. Today I’d like to share one of the ideas that belongs to geo decor, and these are hexagons or honeycombs. This is the cutest and most popular geo shape in wedding decor now, and many couples go for it. Wanna know how to use it for your big day? Let’s get started!

Hexagon Wedding Backdrops

    Hexagons can be arranged for a gorgeous wedding backdrop! These can be cardboard hexagons on the wall, or a large hexagon backdrop decorated with florals, greenery and candles or a wood laser cut backdrop with bulbs and lush florals – everything here is up to you and your wedding style.

Hexagon Wedding Table Decor

    Menus, chargers, plates, place cards and many other things can be made of hexagon shapes. Wedding centerpieces can be placed onto metallic hexagons to highlight them, and colorful hexagons over the reception can be a nice decoration to make a statement.

Hexagon Wedding Food

    Makes glazed hexagon cookies and order a gorgeous cake – it can be done in two ways. First, it can be a hexagon-shaped wedding cake with any decor and colors you like. Second, it can be a usual cake with colorful hexagon decor, which looks and tastes awesome!

Other Hexagon Wedding Ideas

    Hexagon wedding stationary including acrylic one, hex shelves for displaying food, hex ring boxes and much more – incorporate this trendy shape into your decor to make it edgy!

by Chloe

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