30 Inspiring Lord Of the Rings Wedding Ideas

30 Inspiring Lord Of the Rings Wedding Ideas

    Lord Of the Rings is a very inspiring and interesting series of books and films that are loved all over the world and keep inspiring us. If you are a couple obsessed with this series, you may choose it as your wedding theme, too. I’ve gathered some beautiful ideas for such a wedding, let’s take a look!

LOTR Wedding Attire

    One of the main things for a LOTR wedding are themed costumes for the bride and groom. If you are a bride, you may rock various elvish gowns inspired by Arwen looks – with long bell sleeves, with embroidery and botanical prints and patterns. If you are a groom, you may go two ways – elvish or Aragorn-inspired outfits. Dress your groomsmen as hobbits and bridesmaids as elves and voila!

LOTR Wedding Hair And Accessories

    Your hair and accessories really matter when we speak of a LOTR wedding. Bridesmaids and brides should opt for something relaxed and elvish, with loose hair, greenery and blooms interwoven and airy and refined headpieces inspired by botanicals. If the groom or grooms have long hair, the same goes to them, too.

LOTR Wedding Decor

    Get inspired by the books and films to create your own LOTR decor: lanterns with moss and greenery, use parts of LOTR world as table names, rock wildflowers and greenery. Candles, elvish goblets and lots of other stuff inspired by the series is welcome!

LOTR Wedding Cakes

    Your wedding cake will crown it all! Order an elvish inspired cake, a LOTR inspired cake with some quotes or even a Minas Tirith cake. Enjoy!

by Mia

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