26 Delicate Dusty Blue And Gold Wedding Ideas

26 Delicate Dusty Blue And Gold Wedding Ideas

    If you are getting married in the spring or summer and looking for a chic and fresh color combo, I’ve got an idea for you: try dusty blue and gold! This is a romantic and beautiful color scheme that is to bring freshness and effortless chic to your wedding decor.

Dusty Blue And Gold Wedding Outfits

    Dusty blue is among the top colors for wedding gowns, it’s very romantic and subtle, and there are several hues to choose from. Your groom may stick to the scheme with a dusty blue bow tie, shoes and suspenders, and you are wearing white, your gals may opt for dusty blue or gold. Gold shoes will help you to keep the combo. If you are two brides or grooms, why not rock a dusty blue outfit for one of you, and a gold one for the second?

Dusty Blue And Gold Table Decor

    Dusty blue is amazing for chargers, plates and fabrics of all kind: napkins, table runners and tablecloths. Your tableware, vases and plate edges may be gold ones for an elegant look. As for flowers, try blue or just pastel or neutral ones to create an airy look, for example, ivory blooms will make your tables delicate.

Dusty Blue And Gold Wedding Treats

    A dusty blue cake with gold lace details looks very refined, you may order several of them with various decor. Complement your dessert table with dusty blue and gold macarons and you’ll get elegant decor!

by Chloe

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