4 Hottest Wedding Trends And 25 Ideas For 2019

25 Hottest Wedding Trends For 2019

    Getting married this year? Don’t know how to spruce up your wedding decor and style to give it an edgy look? I’m here to help you! Incorporating these trends into your wedding will make it much more modernized and catchy.

Dramatic Floral Designs

    There’s no wedding without florals and in 2019 think lush, bold, bright and super dramatic inspite of your wedding style! Lush floral arches and backdrops, lush centerpieces and table runners, overhead decorations and even decorated chairs will give an edge to your wedding decor. Go for cool ombre floral walls, bring in texture with much greenery and grasses like pampas grass, which is a very hot idea.

Gender-Neutral Wedding Parties

    The days when girls were standing on the left and boys on the right are already gone and now we have more and more gender-neutral wedding parties. Many brides have bridesmen – brothers or just friends, and many grooms have groomsladies – sisters, cousins or friends. Mix up everyone in both wedding parties! A good idea is to choose the same attire for both parties to achieve a stylish unified look.

Charcuterie Boards

    Go for a gorgeous charcuterie board or table to impress your guests and let them feel cozy. A charcuterie board with lots of salami and sausages, cheese and fruit, nuts and crackers, marmalades and sauces. Such an idea inspires chatting and won’t leave anyone indifferent: such boards look very yummy and you won’t need any special decor.

Handpainted Wedding Cakes

    Naked wedding cakes have been on top for a long time but now buttercream ones are taking over them. The hottest wedding trend of 2019 is handpainted wedding cakes – from watercolor flowers to abstract brushstrokes, there are all kinds of looks, styles and themes. Find yours and go!

by Mia

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