5 Tips And 20 Ideas To Pull Off Mountain Wedding

20 Tips And Ideas To Pull Off Mountain Wedding

    Mountain weddings are extremely popular now: they are extremely adventurous and provide amazing backdrops for your pics. If you are getting ready for one, you’ll have to consider some points to make your wedding amazing for everyone, not only for you two. Here are some tips that may be useful for you to plan a wedding of your dream.

Consider The Altitude

    Even if you two have no problem hiking up for a long time, think of your guests – will it be a problem for them or not? will your grandparent need a ride or are they able to walk up? Make sure that all your guests are able to hike as far as you need and if not – provide transportation for them. Consider having oxygen available for older guests. Pack an emergency kit considering the mountainous place, ask the planner to help you with it.

Find Out The Weather

    Consider what weather you are going to have and provide your guests all the necessary stuff to feel cozy. If it’s cold, consider having coverups and blankets as favors, if it’s sunny, think of giving sunglasses and sunscreen and if it’s rainy, provide umbrellas. The difference is that in the mountains it’s colder if it’s cold in the place or sunnier and hotter if it’s sunny on your big day, so providing all the necessary stuff is really essential, take care of your guests.

Make A Trip Before The Wedding

    Even if you’ve been there before, make a trip to the destination to tour a few locals and look at the region through the lens of your wedding. Do you like the local vendors, will you go for them or prefer some importing? Is this the best season for the gorgeous views and will the weather be nice?

Use Organic Elements

    Mountain weddings are mostly done in boho chic and rustic style or a fusion of them with some natural elements. Embrace your location! Use fresh foliage and branches, local blooms, wildflowers and herbs, antlers and rocks, moss and wood slices.

Choose Proper Attire

    Mountains not always have comfortable paths for walking and it may be not very clean. First of all, think of having comfortable booties or wedges to walk safely and not to get dirty. If it’s cold, think of having a cozy coverup, not only for yourself but also for all the guests. Even if it’s summer, it may get chilly at night.

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