20 Cold Weather Wedding Tips And Ideas

20 Cold Weather Wedding Tips And Ideas

    The winter wedding season 2018/2019 is very-very close, and it may turn out that the weather on your wedding day will be cold. It may snow or not snow – but still really cold, and you should do something about it. Don’t worry, I’ve prepared some very useful tips that will help you fix the situation even if you aren’t ready for cold at all.

Dress Up

    A long sleeve wedding dress will keep you warmer but even if you haven’t chosen one for yourself, it’s not a problem, you will stay warm in a trendy coverup, a gorgeous faux fur coat, a scarf, gloves that will make your outfit catchier and more chic. There are tons of options to try, from luxurious maxi faux fur coats to simpler stoles, and you’ll look wow. Put on thick tights under your wedding dress and if you’re wearing heels, have another shoe option for your outdoor pics: think of wearing warm, maybe fur boots as an alternative to usual shoes.

    Grooms and groomsmen can wear velvet or tweed, it’s very trendy and it’s a very thick fabric, which will keep the guys warm. Don’t let your bridesmaids and flower girls freeze, choose fur cover ups and cable knit cover ups for them. They can also try sweaters, which look adorable with tulle skirts, choose cable knit pattern as it looks extremely cozy. Take care of your guests giving them pashminas, scarves, cover ups and gloves, these can be also wedding favors.


    Serve a hot drink on arrival for your guests, it will keep them warm and comfy. Make the menu heartier and keep it like that in every part, from appetizers to desserts, it will also help the guests feel comfier. Make an s’mores or hot chocolate bar. You can even place one outside to let your guests have a mug before the ceremony or during it if it’s outside. You can also try hot tea or coffee bars and add Bailey’s as it warms up very well.

Wedding Photography

    It gets dark much earlier in the fall or winter, so adjust your photo schedule for more light. Taking portraits before your ceremony is often a good idea. If you’re not sure how to go about this, just chat to your photographer. Have nice umbrellas on stand by for outdoor wedding photographs. These don’t have to be fancy – simple and black can often do the job.

by Chloe

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