26 Chic Fall Wedding Stationary Ideas

26 Chic Fall Wedding Stationary Ideas

    Fall wedding season is far away but if you are planning a wedding, then your preparations are in full swing now. Time to invite your guests! This roundup will inspire you to choose beautiful stationary for your fall nuptials, let’s have a look at the most beautiful ideas.

Burgundy And Plum Shades

    These two colors are traditionally fall ones and look very beautiful and chic. Blend burgundy or plum with gold leaf, dark calligraphy and watercolor flower lining. Watercolor strokes will give your invites a modern and fresh look.


    To make your navy or blue invites stand out, add watercolor décor, watercolor flower and leaf lining in contrasting colors, watercolor fruit or metallic lining. Add antler tags on leather cord for a woodland wedding or dried leaves to make the envelopes more eye-catching.


    Emerald and gold or copper are traditional for fall, they look chic and bold. If you wanna stand out, choose sage green and watercolor landscape lining, mix green with blush and add oversized flower prints.


    Different shades of grey are welcome in the fall! Blend them with copper, gold calligraphy, gold leaf décor to make them look more modern and chic. If you are looking for interesting envelopes, try birch bark or leather ones.

Other Colors

    Navy and gold, orange and gold glitter, black and white, grey and white are traditional and popular for fall wedding stationary. Be bold and try kraft paper and wooden invites and wood slice tags for the stationary.

by Chloe

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