32 Refreshing Summer Wedding Desserts To Stay Cool

32 Refreshing Summer Wedding Desserts To Stay Cool

    Summer wedding season is extremely close, and in some locations it’s already very hot – for example, in tropics. If you’ve chosen really a hot place to tie the know, help your guests to stay refreshed on a hot day with fans, paper and usual ones, conditioning and of course cocktails and desserts that will make them cool. The best ideas are fresh fruits, ice cream, sorbet and popsicles, we’ve already shared the first tow ideas and ways to serve them. Today I’ll share sorbet and popsicles ideas and ways to serve them.


    Sorbet is a dessert, which is extremely popular today as it’s all-natural and very refreshing. You can serve it just in bowls or as champagne or Campari floats. The sorbet itself can be made of citrus, various berries and fruits and even lemonade or champagne if you want. Top it with fruits and greenery and let your guests enjoy!


    Popsicles are another fresh and healthy alternative to ice cream. They can be made of fresh fruit and berries or even edible flowers. You can serve them in boxes, on stands and in alcohol glasses, for example, mint popsicles in mojito glasses. Stay cool!

by Mia

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