34 Gorgeous Moody Wedding Cakes

34 Gorgeous Moody Wedding Cakes

    Moody weddings are in trend, more and more couple choose soft and relaxing dark shades for their big days. Today I’d like to help you and inspire you even more to go for a moody wedding: I’m sharing moody wedding cakes that are perfect for such a wedding.

Drip Moody Wedding Cakes

    Drip wedding cakes are perhaps the hottest wedding trend now, and you can rock different cakery pieces with dripping. You can rock a naked or a semi-naked wedding cake, with caramel or chocolate dripping, add blooms and berries that fit your wedding color scheme on top. It can be a frosted wedding cake with contrasting dripping, bold flowers and foliage. Rock a simple tea cake with dripping and fresh fruits on top – it will look super yummy!

Black Wedding Cakes

    Black is the moodiest color ever, and rocking a black wedding cake is a very cool solution. A black wedding cake, textural or not, will add a refined feel to your wedding. It can be decorated with antlers, blooms, foliage, fruits and berries, you can go for luxurious watercolor painting right on the cake. A matte black cake with a single metallic layer is a gorgeous and absolutely timeless idea. Marbleizing and adding gold or copper foil touches is another chic idea to spruce up a black cake.

Other Ideas

    Some other ideas are a chocolate bundt cake with pomegranates and red orange, a chocolate tart with blackberries and nuts, a naked wedding cake with various dark berries and fruit and many more – get inspired by the cakes below!

by Mia

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