27 Delicious Fall Wedding Cakes And Pies

27 Delicious Fall Wedding Cakes And Pies

    A wedding cake is a must for every wedding – or at least some delicious desserts like pies and donuts. If you are getting ready for a fall wedding and don’t know what cake to choose, here are some tasty and trendy ideas you may rock. Let’s start.

Naked Wedding Cakes

    A naked wedding cake is a very popular thing today, especially for boho weddings – they look and taste delicious! It can be any kind of cake – vanilla, chocolate or else, you may also try a touch of buttercream to make a semi naked wedding cake. Top the cake with berries, fruits, foliage and blooms to match your wedding.

Drip Wedding Cakes

    What can be trendier than a naked wedding cake? A naked drip wedding cake, of course! Such cakes look even more delicious than usual naked ones, thanks to that drip that adds to the taste and look. Top the cakes with foliage, flowers, berries and fruits you like. You may also try a tea cake or a bundt cake done with a drip, too, it will look less formal.

Other Ideas

    Some other ideas include matte wedding cakes with drip and blooms for a more formal look and of course delicious pies with berries, fruits and pumpkin pies to embrace the season. Enjoy!

by Mia

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