27 Beach Wedding Cakes Done With Impeccable Taste

27 Beach Wedding Cakes Done With Impeccable Taste

    Beach weddings have always been popular and I bet will always be because a beach is a very romantic place to get married. As the beach wedding season is all year round, why not to look at the coolest beach wedding cakes right now? We’ve already shared some several years ago but fashion and trends have changed a lot since then, and I’ve prepared an absolutely new selection of cakes that are tasteful and tasty, let’s take a look.

Wedding Cakes With Shells/Corals

    What can be more natural for a beach wedding than corals and shells? Go for a chic wedding cake in white, blue, teal, green or any other color or color combos and top the wedding cake with faux corals and real oyster shells. Don’t go for faux shells, they look tasteless, use usual oyster or mussel ones for a chic look. Unless your wedding is bold, go for white, pastels and neutrals, they look very chic! You may also add edible pearls to make the cake more interesting.

Watercolor/Marble Wedding Cakes

    Watercolor, ombre and marble wedding cakes are super trendy right now, and they keep being in trend. If you like any of these ideas, go for it! Or use them all at the same time! Beautiful blue, navy, teal, grey-blue and green-blue wedding cakes with marble or ombre effect, with watercolor, gold leaf, fresh greenery and blooms are amazing!

Other Cakes

    Naked wedding cakes have become classics, you can go for one for your beach wedding. Top it with thistles, fresh berries and blooms and it will be ideal. Need more ideas? Have a look at them below!

by Mia

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