26 Vegan Wedding Cakes You’ll Totally Enjoy

26 Vegan Wedding Cakes You’ll Totally Enjoy

    If you two are vegans and are planning a vegan wedding – or at least a vegan dessert table – you’ll need a gorgeous and totally delicious vegan wedding cake. Such a cake isn’t only a statement about your lifestyle but also a chance to show your carnivore guests that vegan means delicious, and a vegan wedding cake is no worse than a usual one. Here are some ideas that may impress you and your guests.

Vegan Naked Wedding Cakes

    Naked wedding cakes are on trend, so you may go for a vegan naked wedding cake to offer a bold and edgy dessert. There are lots of vanilla and chocolate naked and semi-naked wedding cakes with fluffy vegan cream, agar jelly layers, fresh berries and fruits and fresh blooms on top. Choose your favorite tastes and mix them up to create a delicious masterpiece topped with fresh blooms.

Vegan Buttercream Wedding Cakes

    If you prefer buttercream wedding cakes, there are also some ideas you may go for. There are various kinds of buttercream and also ganache on top to make your wedding cake decadent and very mouth-watering. Think of rocking some delicious drip, which is another hot trend in wedding cake decor. Get inspired!

by Mia

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