9 Wedding Food Stations That Are In Trend

9 Wedding Food Stations That Are In Trend

    Wedding food is an important part of welcoming your guests, and it’s a way to highlight your wedding theme and show your favorite dishes to the people your love. If you are puzzling over what to serve to have an ultimate foodie wedding, here are the trendiest wedding food stations that will make your wedding amazing.

Cheese Stations

    A cheese station is one of the coolest and most timeless ideas because everyone loves this or that type of cheese. You can make a cheese and fruit station or a cheese and charcuterie station, or mix them all – it’s up to you! There are many ways to style such a bar, chalkboards are among the best ideas because they allow easy naming of each type of food you serve. Beautiful cheese boards and serving platters are also welcome.

Charcuterie Tables

    If you love good charcuterie, why not serve it on your big day? Sometimes this type of bar is united with cheese stations but more and more couples choose a separate one to let the guests enjoy more different types of charcuterie. Such a bar is incredibly popular for a Mediterranean wedding.

Pizza Stations

    I can’t imagine a person who doesn’t love pizza! Every your guest will be able to find a great treat for themselves at a pizza bar, serve more types of them to please everyone. An important point is to keep pizzas warm, and it can be done with special lights if you serve pizzas in frying pans, or you can go for a preheated surface to serve them.

Sushi Stations

    If you love sushi and rolls, serve them on your big day. Serving them on mirror and glass platters is the most popular idea because it makes food look more amazing and tastier. You can also go for traditional Japanese wooden platters.

Bagel and Pretzel Stations

    We’ve already shared some pretzel bar idea, you can have a look at them here. Bagels are adorable and you make delicious sandwiches with them – explore all the cuisines on the world making bagel sandwiches!

Burger Stations

    Burgers and sliders is what we love and there are recipes for any kind, for absolutely everyone and with any restrictions. Create a gorgeous burger bar and spoil your guests with your favorites.

Popcorn Stations

    Such a bar is non-typical but will be loved by most of your guests! It’s a delicious and fun idea suitable for every non-formal wedding. Serve sweet and salty popcorn and some more types of it to excite your guests and choose containers according to your wedding style: rustic baskets, glass bowls or silver tubs.

Donut Stations

    Donut bars or whole walls is one of the hottest trends for weddings now, and if you are interested, you can head over here to have a look at the coolest ideas.

Milk And Cookie Stations

    This is a timeless idea great for many types of weddings, I think it will never go out of style plus it’s budget-friendly. Look for some ideas here.

by Mia

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