42 Small Wedding Cakes And Their Alternatives

Whether you are planning a micro wedding or elopement or just want to reduce costs, a small wedding cake is a good idea: it won’t cost a lot, it can still have a big impact and highlight your wedding style pleasing the guests and you. I prepared some gorgeous small wedding cakes that won’t leave you indifferent, take a look!

Small Wedding Cakes

A small wedding cake can have no less influence than a big one, and the designs you’ll see here prove that. It can be naked as naked cakes have become classics and they look incredibly yummy; just top your delicious piece with fresh berries and fruits and add dip if you want and voila – an edible masterpiece is ready! It can be a buttercream one, with some blooms and greenery, which is timeless classics, or a very whimsical – with painted florals, with watercolor and brushstrokes, with creative textures, beading, pearls, shells and even disco balls! Everything depends on your imagination and the style and theme of the wedding you have.

Small Alternative Wedding Cakes

If a usual wedding cake isn’t your choice but you still need something sweet and small, think of alternatives you may like. Cheese towers, donut walls, pies and cupcakes, and delicious pancake or waffle wedding cakes that are so much loved for brunch weddings! There are many more options to choose from, take a look below!

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