40 Trendy And Edgy Boho Wedding Cakes

Boho style is one of the most popular styles for weddings, and more and more couples opt for it while planning their tying the knot. But trends change from time to time, and up-to-date details and elements in each style change, too. As the look and trendy details of boho style get new forms, looks and shapes, I’d like to show you some super actual boho wedding cakes so that you knew what’s on.

What Colors Are Popular For Boho Wedding Cakes?

A boho wedding cake today can be all-white, neutral or even rust and orange – these two colors are all the rage and they aren’t going to leave the list of trends. Mustard, black, brown are also welcome, especially for moody boho weddings.

What To Skip While Choosing A Boho Wedding Cake?

In case you are looking for a trendy and edgy cake for your wedding, ditch these ideas as they are outdated or a bit off. For example, skip naked wedding cakes that had been on top for many years, currently they are completely off. Don’t look for drip, lots of berries and fruits – such cakes were popular several years ago but not anymore. Geometry and feathers aren’t on top right now, unless geometry is done in a very modern and trendy way.

How To Decorate A Boho Wedding Cake?

Go for something sleek or textural but covered with buttercream. The most edgy detailing right now is dried flowers, leaves and grass, the trend for everything dried arose several years ago and it’s close to classics now – dried blooms are everywhere, not only at boho weddings. You may also mix up dried blooms and fresh ones, add gold foil, fronds, tropical leaves and other stuff depending on the theme and location. If your wedding is boho meets mid-century modern, you might want some bold geometric sugar decor for the cake. Macrame, succulents, cookies and macarons are always welcome to make your cake look delicious or very free-spirited. Take a look at the cakes we’ve gathered and let your mouth water!

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