4 Tips And 24 Ideas To Create A Wedding Grazing Table

Food is one of the most important parts of the wedding – your guests will be much happier if you feed them well. One of the current hottest wedding catering trends is grazing tables. How to create a gorgeous grazing table that would make your guests drop their jaws? Here are some tips that will help you throw a feast!

Start With No Brainer Ingredients

The basics are cheese, bread and meats, so first of all, make sure that these ingredients are present. You may add anything you like after that if you have enough space but these three are a must.


You can certainly lay out all of the serving platters you have but then that takes away from the concept of a grazing table. Better keep it simple! If there’s not enough space on your grazing table, build different layers on your platter with different-sized chopping boards, baskets, mounted trays and mason jars to split things up.

Include Textures

Keep things fresh with soft and hard cheese, smooth and coarse crackers, and the occasional crunchy snack. Just remember where you’re putting things – no salted caramel popcorn next to the olives, friends.

Add More Elements

Include seasonal fruit like grapes, figs or pomegranates and also nuts like almonds, pistachios or walnuts. Your guests can be happy with honey, fig spread, and old style mustard put in jars and placed on the sides of the grazing table. And voila – your trendy and Instagram-worthy grazing table is ready!

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