38 Yummy Macaron Ideas For Your Wedding

38 Yummy Macaron Ideas For Your Wedding

    Macarons are our favorite sweets of all times! Besides being really tasty, they look amazing and bring that light elegant French touch to everything. If you decided to incorporate them into your wedding, there are a lot of types of macarons and several ways to do that.

Macaron-Topped Wedding Cakes

    Choose any cake design you want and top the piece with colorful macarons to achieve a striking look. Stick to your wedding colors or rock all colors of rainbow and make your cake fantastic! Today confectioners create real edible masterpieces topped with macarons, edible bark and flowers, so you can make even the simplest cake special.

Macaron Towers

    This is a very hot trend for weddings, and many couples choose it if they want to add a chic French touch. Macaron towers a great and trendy alternative to a usual wedding cake, they look gorgeous and each guest can taste several macarons. Top the tower with fresh flowers to make it even more adorable.

Macarons For Desserts And Favors

    There are so many types and tastes of macarons that I can’t even name them all. You can find lots of tastes, colors, looks and shapes and serve them on your dessert table. They may be shaped as hearts, cacti and decorated with fruit, berries and frosting. Give them as favors to your guests to amaze them!

by Chloe

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