37 Delicious Night Wedding Snacks

37 Delicious Night Wedding Snacks

    If you are going to celebrate your tying the knot for a long time, if you are going to dance all night with your love and your guests, such a long reception party can be a bit exhausting. To keep your guests energetic and let them enjoy all the fun, you can serve some night snacks that will have them back on their feet and ready to hit the dance floor.

Fast Food Snacks

    Fast food is loved by most of us and if you serve mini burgers, sliders, waffles and chicken, pizzas, pretzels, tacos and French fries, chips and Coke will be a nice idea. you may also offer beer for burgers and fries or tequila for tacos.

Sweet Snacks

    Sweets are always amazing, most of guests will be pleased to have some sweet food. Donuts, cookies, pancakes, churros, popcorn, ice cream sandwiches and waffles with honey or maple syrup are delicious and will refresh anyone!

Other Snacks

    There are lots of other snack ideas, more or less hearty and suitable for various seasons. Mini tomato soups with cheese sticks or gazpacho soups will fit a fall or winter wedding, bacon wrapped tater tots and chocolate bacon are very hearty and tasty, shrimps with various kinds of dips and sauces, meat and veggie skewers and many other ideas are welcome to make your guests happy!

by Mia

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