34 Rustic Wedding Cakes And Alternatives

If you are planning a rustic or just relaxed wedding, you will need a matching cake. We’ve gathered the coolest and most delicious wedding cakes that are suitable for a rustic or just casual wedding, take a look and feel your mouth water!

Naked Wedding Cakes

A naked wedding cake is almost classics that is sure to be on top for a long time. Go for a naked wedding cake embracing the location or season, for example, topping the cake with lots of fresh fruits and berries for a summer wedding, for fir and berries for a Christmas wedding, for pears, figs and dark blooms for a fall wedding and so on. Go for pretty toppers of various materials and make your cake cooler with them.

Wedding Cake Alternatives

What alternatives can you rock for your rustic wedding? A donut wall is a very trendy idea, and you can find some ideas here. There are also delicious waffle and cookie wedding cakes, bundt and pancake wedding cakes, brownie and cinnamon bun wedding cakes, and you can style them in various ways to make them look super cool. Get inspired and let your guests enjoy some yummies!

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