30 Delicious Vegan Wedding Appetizers

30 Delicious Vegan Wedding Appetizers

    Planning a vegan wedding? Then you’ll probably need some ideas of the menu, cake and desserts and appetizers, and we have them for you! Today we are discussing vegan wedding appetizers, delicious, crowd-pleasing and will make even carnivore guests happy. Let’s start!


    Crostini and bruschetta are a very popular type of appetizer, and you may please your guests with cheese, fresh veggies, fruits and nuts with balsamic drizzle. There are many various combos and mixes, choose your favorite ones.


    Caprese are classic skewers, they can be traditional – with tomatoes, cheese and basil, or some fresh takes on that, for example, blackberry, cheese and cucumbers. Try watermelon and tofu or go for grilled veggie skewers and voila!

Other Ideas

    The possibilities and ideas are endless! Vegan meatballs, vegan tartlets with various vegetables, stuffed mushrooms, sweet potato and avocado bites, cheese and pistachio coated grapes and much more – there are tons of ideas you may go for, enjoy!

by Chloe

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