25 Stunning Black Wedding Cakes

Moody and dark-colored weddings are a huge trend, and celestial weddings that are another hot trend are often done in dark shades, too. If you are going for such a wedding or just want a dark wedding cake for any other theme, this roundup is for you – we’ve gathered the coolest and most jaw-dropping black wedding cakes!

A black wedding cake doesn’t mean that you just grab a black cake and that’s it – there are tons of ideas to decorate your black cakery piece. It can be decorated in various ways: with drip, with toppers, with watercolors and marbling, with painted and fresh blooms, with fresh or dried greenery and herbs, with fresh berries and fruits. Pair your black tiers with Pavlova or some metallic tiers, decorate your wedding cake with glitter and gold or copper leaf, paint some images that remind of your wedding theme and add a topper that matches. Choose what you like and what matches your wedding theme and enjoy!

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