7 Amazing Gifts to Surprise Your Man With On Your Wedding Day

7 Amazing Gifts to Surprise Your Man With On Your Wedding Day

    It is the biggest day of your life, and with all the planning and preparations that you have done, you may have forgotten to consider one little thing… your wedding gift to your soon-to-be husband. You want it to be perfect because it will set the tone for the day and perhaps for your marriage. It should have a hidden message, a special meaning, something that speaks to who he is or who you are as a couple. A bottle of his favourite spirit is nice, but you can definitely do better than that.
    That being said, here are seven incredible gifts you can surprise your man with on your wedding day.

1. Cufflinks

    This may be a traditional gift, but you can add a modern twist by having them customised. Whether you opt for map cufflinks or have your wedding date engraved, not only can your man wear these on the day, but for many years to come. Every time he slips them between his cuffs he will be reminded of the greatest day of his life.

2. Watch

    Nothing quite says adulthood like marriage, except maybe a shiny, new watch. It’s time to let go of the watches of childhood and embrace a traditional look. You don’t need to run out and buy him an Apple Watch, but a classic that he can wear in everyday life is the perfect way to make sure he’s where he needs to be on time and thinking of you.

3. The Bedroom Album

    You may have heard of this trend, often referred to as a Boudoir album. If you love your body as much as he does contact a professional photographer to take some racy (but tasteful) shots and create a special album. These photos tend to feature the bride-to-be in various pieces of wedding attire. It’s a fun and sensual surprise.

4. Hip Flask

    It’s no surprise that the hip flask is a popular gift for grooms. As the legend goes, every groom needs a flask handy for a wee nip to build his courage before watching his beautiful partner walk down the aisle. The bonus of the hip flask is he’ll use it again (and again) throughout the years. Of course, you can also have it engraved with a custom message so that when he does use it he’s reminded of your special day.

5. A Day to Remember

    What better way to solidify your marriage than by offering him the ultimate day to remember on the original ultimate day to remember. Whether it’s a gift that you can enjoy together like a hot air balloon trip, rock climbing, or maybe even beer tasting, or a golf excursion he can enjoy with friends, he’ll appreciate how you took his likes and hobbies into consideration. Extra points for tickets to the football or an upcoming concert.

6. Breakfast

    Many couples forget to eat on their wedding days. The excitement is too much and they bounce out of bed ready to finish off last minute preparations before getting ready for the day. Suddenly, half the day has been whiled away and the hunger pangs are overwhelming. It doesn’t help when most couples have time for champagne or nips from the flask. So, make sure your groom is starting off his day right by having breakfast delivered. Feel free to include shots (or a bottle) in that breakfast, though, a boy has got to have some fun.

7. A Love Journal

    Are you the romantic types? Did you exchange notes and letters throughout your relationship? If so, you probably kept hold of every one of them. Use them to create the ultimate love journal to surprise him with. It’s a beautiful reminder of the journey you have taken leading up to the ultimate commitment. You can enjoy a walk down memory lane and he’ll be overwhelmed with your effort. Ideally, you will have time to prepare for this, as you’ll want to include a variety of letters and notes that you have written in the runup to the wedding. You can share insights into how you felt when you chose your dress or other key components of the wedding. Perhaps you can write a list of 100 times you knew you were going to marry him.

    Gifting experiences requires very careful thinking even when you have to think of the budget, but you don’t have to break the bank to spend on the gift. You can rely on VoucherBin to get the best discount codes for some more options like romantic dinners, gateways or even for buying the gifts suggested. You’ve already spent a fortune planning your special day; you might as well get some help with this additional gift.

    There are plenty of other options available to you, from incorporating his favourite team’s colours or arranging a choreographed dance. Groom’s cakes are also becoming popular, whether you incorporate his hobbies into the main cake or he gets a whole cake of geek to himself. A wedding gift for your partner isn’t a must, but it has grown in popularity because it’s a sweet way to start your day. It’s also a thoughtful reminder of how much you mean to each other. Nerves are expected on the day, and this is a great way to settle them.

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