4 Tips And 20 Ideas To Style Your Wedding Dessert Table

4 Tips And 20 Ideas To Style Your Wedding Dessert Table

    A dessert table is a must for every wedding, whatever it looks. You don’t need a professional to style your dessert table, you can do it yourself and here are some tips that will help you.


    Set up a trial run of the jars, platters, backdrop and signage beforehand and you take plenty of photos. This way you’ll have a guide for your wedding day, and if you won’t have time to style the table yourself, ask a friend or family to do that for you. Then give them the pics and voila!


    Continue the color scheme and style that you’ve chosen for the wedding. Desserts look best displayed at varying heights and depths. Think three dimensionally – place some desserts or candy jars behind each other. If you are serving donuts, try a trendy donut wall. Doing these things will add visual interest to the table and stop it from looking sparse. Add some scoops and tongs of various kinds to keep your guests’ hands clean. For guests who prefer to take a sweet treat home for later, provide some pretty bags with an attached thank you card.


    Place a sign to attract attention to your dessert table, it’s always a good idea. You should also place smaller signs or toppers on the candy and desserts helps guests identify what they are eating.

Wedding Cakes

    Wedding cakes now are often statement pieces that highlight wedding decor and theme. Use your cake as the focal point of the dessert table. Raise it up on a cake stand, center it in the middle of the table and then style the rest of your desserts around it. Another idea is to rock a separate cake table, read our guide on it here.

by Mia

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