50 Cool Black And White Wedding Centerpieces

Black and white continue being the most loved color scheme for more formal and modern weddings, and if you want some drama, this is it! This contrasting color scheme can be styled in a very elegant and eye-catchy way, and today’s roundup will prove it to you with a whole bunch of beautiful black and white wedding centerpieces!

What Flowers Can Be Used For A Black And White Wedding Centerpiece?

You have a whole ton of options to choose from! All the blooms that are available in white are suitable – you will just put them into black vases. You may also go for black and deep purple blooms that look almost as black ones or prefer dried blooms and grasses and spray paint them black. The most popular flowers for black and white centerpieces are white roses, anemones, tulips, orchids and baby’s breath.

How To Create A Cluster Black And White Wedding Centerpiece?

Cluster centerpieces are all the rage right now and this color combo will look especially bold within a cluster wedding centerpiece. Take some matching or mismatching clear, black or white vases and fill each of them with a single bloom, leaf or branch that you’ve chosen. Spruce up the whole piece with black or white candles and voila! Such a cluster wedding centerpiece is easy to DIY and doesn’t require a professional at all.

How To Make A Black And White Wedding Centerpiece Spectacular?

Consider getting a table runner or garland made of black and white or just white blooms and then do it with contrasting candles – such table decor will make a statement. Go for multiple black bud vases with a single white bloom in each and add tall and thin black candles. Skip all the greenery if you wanna make your decor really outstanding and enjoy the look!

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