29 Fail-Proof Vegetable Wedding Centerpieces

29 Fail-Proof Vegetable Wedding Centerpieces

    If you are looking for fail-proof and interesting wedding centerpieces, opt for fruit and veggie ones. We’ve already shared adorable fruit wedding centerpieces, so today I’ll continue the topic with cool vegetable ones. Vegetable wedding centerpieces are amazing for fall, backyard, farm, rustic, woodland and many other weddings. Let’s have a look at the coolest and most stylish ideas and look yummy enough to eat!

Vegetable Wedding Centerpieces

    Choose vegetables you like: peppers, artichokes, cabbages, carrots, tomatoes, onions and garlic and make up a centerpiece adding blooms, foliage and herbs. You can put them into a wooden box, a silver bowl, a glass aquarium, an urn or any other container that fits your wedding style and decor. You can also go for non-floral wedding centerpieces of just veggies and greenery to enjoy. Go for creative and fun ideas, for example, a hot pepper centerpiece with a sign ‘Burning Love’ or an orange tulips and carrots arrangement.

Vegetable Wedding Table Runners

    A veggie table runner is a great idea for a farm or rustic wedding. All you need to do is just to place cabbages, herbs, onions, artichokes and other vegetables on the table with herbs and leaves, that’s it! You needn’t any blooms here but of course you can add some if you want. get inspired by the ideas below!

by Mia

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