25 Cool Wedding Box Centerpieces You’ll Like

25 Cool Wedding Box Centerpieces You’ll Like

    A box is an ideal item to make a centerpiece or a decoration, and if you are planning a wedding and don’t want to spend much money, get some boxes and create some cool arrangements. This roundup will tell you how to make a wedding box centerpiece easily and what you can put inside.

Boxes With Flowers

    The easiest idea is to fill the box with flowers of any kind – choose the blooms that fit your wedding color scheme and style. Rock it with greenery and add some personal touches, for example, fruits, if it’s a southern or tropical wedding. You can go for wildflowers or put some lavender in mason jars and use them for a wedding centerpiece.

Boxes With Greenery/Succulents

    Greenery is getting more and more popular for weddings, and if you are going for a non-flower look, fill the boxes with greenery that you’ve used for your wedding decor. You may add some little blooms or succulents and cacti and candle lanterns to make your box more interesting.

Other Ideas

    Fruits, veggies and berries are great for filling a box, you may add some neutral blooms for a cuter look. Veggie and fruit centerpieces are very popular now, and they can be realized in boxes or bowls. Get inspired!

by Mia

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