20 Bowl Wedding Centerpieces To Get Inspired

20 Bowl Wedding Centerpieces To Get Inspired

    Looking for wedding decor inspiration? I have some ideas for you! Today I’m going to inspire you to make cool bowl centerpieces for your wedding. What’s so great about bowls? There are lots of bowls of different materials: glass, stone, concrete, metal and so on, and they can be filled with literally anything, from pebbles and succulents to fresh vegetables and fruits. There are lots of ideas for all kinds of weddings and for any budget, let’s have a look at them!

Bowls With Flowers/ Greenery

    Filling the bowl with greenery, blooms and succulents and air plants is the most popular idea: such a piece can be easily DIYed, you don’t need a florist. You may fill the bowl with water and add floating blooms and candles. Plant the succulents and greenery for a cool and textural look or mix succulents, blooms and greenery so that this arrangement fit the wedding decor.

Bowls With Veggies/ Fruits

    Veggie and fruit centerpieces are gaining popularity because they are easy to make and edible at the same time. Such a centerpiece is even easier to make, just fill the bowl with fruits and veggies of your choice and add blooms or greenery, or just don’t add anything.

Other Ideas

    You can also go for shells, beach sand, herbs and star fish for a beach wedding, or trendy geodes and stone slices for an edgy wedding. Get inspired and make some stunning centerpieces yourself!

by Mia

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