100 Cozy And Lovely Burlap Wedding Ideas

Burlap is a great material for weddings, mostly rustic, boho and vintage ones, and it can be incorporated into your wedding decor in many ways. As most of such decor can be DIYed, you will save your budget! Here are some ways to rock burlap at your wedding.

Burlap Wedding Decor

Integrate burlap into your wedding decor with wedding table runners and tablecloths, with ribbons on the chairs and bouquet wraps. Wrap your candles, vases, jars and other pieces with burlap, go for burlap signs, runners, artwork and much other stuff. All these things can be easily made by you yourself, and these pics don’t require any explanations. Burlap beautifully pairs with lace and with simple wildflowers, such a combo will give your decor a sweet touch.

Wedding Favors Wrapped In Burlap

Wrap your wedding favors in burlap or in boxes wrapped wih burlap. These can be little plants or even trees, sacks with seeds and boxes with anything you want to give.

Burlap Bouquet Wraps

Wrap your wedding bouquets and arrangements with burlap – this is a very budget-friendly idea to rock, add buttons or some twine to secure the wraps.

Burlap Wedding Cake Decor

Wedding cakes can be also decorated with burlap, you may serve them with burlap on the table, with twine and other rustic touches. Give some rustic touches to your wedding cake table!

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