52 Vibrant Pink And Yellow Wedding Ideas

Looking for new and fresh color schemes for your wedding? I’ve got a cool idea for you! Pink and yellow is a fantastic combo that is very versatile: you may prefer pastel shades for a delicate spring wedding, you may rock all the brights for a colorful summer or tropical wedding or try deep shades for a refined fall wedding. Let me show you some gorgeous ideas with different shades of yellow and pink combined.

Pink And Yellow Wedding Attire

Pink continues to be the most popular shade for colored wedding dresses but current trends aren’t about delicate blush and light pinks, they are about hot pink and bright pink, and the same goes to yellow – choose a deep mustard shade or a marigold tone to make a statement. Pink and yellow are also great shades for pantsuits – for grooms, groomsmen and brides who wanna stand out. If you have bridesmaids, offer them gorgeous pink, fuchsia, mustard and marigold dresses, mismatching and chic ones.

Pink And Yellow Wedding Stationery

Hint your wedding guests on the color scheme and style of your wedding with amazing pink and yellow invitations. They should follow your wedding style and the tones you’ve chosen, so the possibilities are endless, from delicate watercolors to bold geometric pieces.

Pink And Yellow Wedding Decor

Show off your color scheme with gorgeous wedding florals in pink and yellow, they can be subtle and pastel, super cheerful and bold or refined and deeply toned. Add pink napkins and yellow glasses to your tables, rock colored candles and even chairs at the tables. The main idea is to choose the shades of pink and yellow that match in a cool way or show off maximal contrast with each other if you are looking for that.

Pink And Yellow Wedding Cakes

The last but not least is your wedding cake, which can be either pink or yellow or both! Color blocking, watercolors, marble effect are currently the most popular ideas for a wedding cake, and some fresh blooms of proper colors are always to the point, too. Take a look at all the gorgeous ideas and choose!

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