51 Easy Wedding Centerpieces You Can DIY

Now is the era of micro, at home, backyard and just small intimate weddings that feel homey, cozy and are very memorable. Such weddings usually don’t require any formal decor, complicated arrangements and extremely pompous decorations. That’s why I decided to share some ideas for those of you planning such weddings – these are very easy to recreate yet stylish wedding centerpieces that you’ll be able to DIY without additional instructions, let’s take a look.

Easy Casual Wedding Centerpieces

Planning a casual wedding? don’t want to stick to a particular style or theme? Need easy decor? The answer to all these questions is a casual wedding centerpiece. It can be a simple clear vase with a couple of blooms and a large leaf, candle lanterns with candles or LEDs surrounded with greenery, a stand with Christmas ornaments, an arrangement of greenery and thistles, potted plants or succulents, air plants on stands and so on – get more ideas below!

Easy Minimalist Wedding Centerpieces

What’s the difference between casual and minimalist wedding centerpieces? More is less – that’s the motto of minimalist decor, and that’s the main difference. Don’t add any unnecessary details or blooms, go for a cluster centerpiece of matching vases or bottles with a single stem in each. Use a single large leaf or succulent as a centerpiece and you will get an easy and chic decoration that matches the style.

Easy Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

There are tons of ways to create a very simple and cool rustic wedding centerpiece, first of all, decide whether you want a jar, a vase, a bottle or some buckets even. Choose greenery or classic blooms that always work – eucalyptus, baby’s breath, roses, peonies are right what you need for a cool look. Potted plants are a cool idea of a sustainable wedding centerpiece, and dried blooms and grasses inserted into tree stumps are another way to go. Get inspired by the gorgeous ideas below and steal something for your own celebration!

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