80 Wedding Fireplace Decor Ideas

A fireplace is a cool thing for any wedding, and you can use it in various ways. First of all, it’s a great backdrop or altar, especially if you are having winter or fall nuptials. It can make any reception or lounge space cozier and comfier and welcome your guests there. How to decorate a fireplace for a wedding in the best way possible?

How To Style A Working Wedding Fireplace?

A working fireplace creates an ambience itself, with logs inside it, and all you need to do is to decorate the mantel and perhaps the sides of the fireplace. Place gorgeous florals and greenery on the mantel, pair them up with candles of various shapes and sizes. While choosing botanicals and candles, consider your wedding style and color scheme and make it perfectly cohesive.

How To Style A Non-Working Wedding Fireplace?

If it’s a non-working fireplace, candles are the first thing you need, put pillar or tall and thin ones in the fireplace, better in glass candle holders for safety and also some on the mantel. Candles on the fireplace and all around are a great idea to add more light and make the ceremony spot more touching. Flowers and greenery will make your fireplace very romantic and cute. Put greenery and flowers around the fireplace, too, to add romance. If it’s a romantic Provence or French-inspired wedding, use just some refined flowers and vintage candle holders placed on the mantel. If the wedding is a rustic one, choose logs as candle stands. Get inspired!

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