47 Cozy Evergreen Wedding Ideas

47 Cozy Evergreen Wedding Ideas

    Evergreen branches are widely used for winter wedding décor because they remind of Christmas trees, so they set up a holiday mood, and because they are very affordable. You can use evergreen branches almost everywhere at your winter wedding, bridal shower or baby shower, and I’m here to share the hottest ideas!

Wedding Backdrops And Arches

    Go to a Christmas tree farm for getting married! Fir trees around are sure to bring a holiday feel to your wedding, and if you decorate them with lights, the feeling of Christmas will be with you during the whole celebration. Make evergreen arches, garlands and wreaths to decorate your ceremony spot, backdrops and reception.

Wedding Table Décor

    Rock evergreen branches on the tables: as table runners, centerpieces and for each placemat. Table runners can be enlivened with red roses and ranunculus, with pillar candles, berries and lanterns. Add fir branches to each napkin to make them look cozier.

Chair Decor

    Decorate chairs in your venue and aisle with evergreen branches. Attach them with ribbon bows or make whole cute wreaths to attach, don’t forget elegant ribbon bows for décor.

Bouquets And Boutonnieres

    Consider incorporating fir branches into your bridal bouquet to embrace the season, such branches look cool with any flowers and berries, you’ll love them! Add them to groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres for a cozy winter look.

Food And Favors

    Top your cakes and cupcakes with fir branches and highlight that your big day in in the winter! Display your food and drinks on evergreen branches and wreaths to highlight the festive mood and a rustic touch. Give your guests tree saplings as favors or wrap your favors using evergreens. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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