42 Wine Bottle Wedding Decor Ideas

If you are a keen DIYed, if you want to save some money while preparing for your wedding, get some wine bottles and turn them into something cool for your wedding! Wine bottles are great not only for vineyard or rustic weddings, they can be a nice fit for other wedding themes and styles, too. Let me share some ideas on how to use them for your wedding décor right.

Wine Bottle Wedding Seating Charts

Make a wedding seating chart of wine bottles – there are several ways to do that. If you have very large bottles, you may write your tables right on them, if your wine bottles are of a usual size, you may attach stickers to them or place them on a ladder, with tags hanging on them. Place some greenery and blooms into wine bottles to make your wedding seating chart look cooler. You may also paint the bottles or put some fairy lights inside for a more festive feel.

Wine Bottle Wedding Centerpieces

Cluster wedding centerpieces are very popular for weddings, and you can easily make one using wine bottles – painted or not. Grab an arrangement of bottles, put some blooms and greenery inside, go for fairy lights or make candleholders of them. Add touches of your wedding style to the centerpieces: wood slices for a rustic wedding, moss for a woodland one, greenery for any wedding and so on. Use bottles as candleholders for thin and tall candles and as table number holders.

Other Décor Ideas With Wine Bottles

How else can you use wine bottles at a wedding? Line up the aisle with wine bottles holding blooms and greenery or hang them to the aisle chairs. Hang some bottles for blooms, for an overhead installation, or create a candle arrangement using bottles as candleholders. Enjoy!

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