42 Cool Fern Wedding Ideas To Steal

More and more couples opt for non-flower weddings, and that’s not surprising: it’s budget-friendly, it looks more modern and is perfect for minimalist weddings. Eucalyptus and fern are two most popular types of greenery for such weddings, and we’ve already shared some ideas with eucalyptus, so it’s time for fern!

Wedding Ceremony Spaces

If you want a wild wedding arch inspired by woodlands and all things nature, cover it with ferns, it will be gorgeous. You may also line up the aisle with fern pairing the arrangements with pillar candles, candle lanterns and pampas grass. Fern looks cool with various types of greenery, blooms and moss, so feel free to pair them with fern for beautiful décor.

Reception Tables And Centerpieces

A fern table runner is a bold and chic idea for any reception table. If you are arranging a fern centerpiece, you may add candles, succulents, greenery and other leaves, moss, herbs, pinecones, wood slices and much, much more – it’s up to your wedding style. Create a delicate fern and eucalyptus cluster centerpiece in bud vases or go for a very lush one with votives around.

Other Ideas

Go for wedding invitations with fern lining, for acrylic invitations with pressed fern. Think of rocking a lovely fern wedding bouquet – you may add some eucalyptus or just go fern. Accent your hair with fern leaves and press some to your wedding cake. There are many more ideas you can try, get inspired!

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