41 Enchanted Forest Wedding Table Decor Ideas

Forests and gardens have always been a source of inspiration and cause of their incredible beauty they have always been a perfect place to tie the knot. Enchanted forest as a wedding theme is among leaders year after year, it’s all about beauty of the woods and a little touch of fairytale, which is aw-so-gorgeous for any wedding! I can’t wait to share some of such fantastic ideas of enchanted forest wedding tables and beautiful centerpieces to get you inspired!  

How To Style And Enchanted Forest Wedding Table?

The easiest formula to style an enchanted forest wedding table is to pair up some things woodlands with some things fairytale. Go for a moss tablecloth or table runner – it will bring a strong forest feel to the table, incorporate some fern and just usual greenery to remind of the greenery in the woods, consider getting some antlers, pinecones and even rocks as all these items will scream forests. Go for wood slice placemats or metallic one, it depends on the effect you want to achieve – a more glam or a more rustic one. Candles and candle lanterns are a must for an enchanted forest wedding tablescape, and you may consider neutral and colored ones and place them into vintage gilded candleholders or prefer more modern faceted candle lanterns.

How To Make An Enchanted Centerpiece?

Such a centerpiece can look many different ways reflecting the style and color scheme of your wedding. These are often blooms and greenery, the blooms correspond with the wedding color palette, while the greens are woodland-inspired, rough, messy, textural and with some twigs. Add moss and candles to your centerpiece to make it more eye-catchy and forest-inspired. If you are looking for something more whimsical, consider having branches that form a tree, with some greenery and candle lanterns hanging on them or a real living tree surrounded with blooms – what can be more forest-like?

What To Include In Enchanted Forest Reception Decor?

I’d strongly recommend to polish your wedding reception space with some additional decor, especially if it’s an indoor celebration. One of the coolest and easiest to realize ideas is rocking an overhead floral installation that would echo with your centerpiece and feature messy woodland greenery, branches and flowers. Hanging some green branches and tiny candle holders over your reception will give it really a magical feel. A huge growing tree as a centerpiece and at the same time reception decoration is also a great way to add a forest feel to the space. Get inspired and please share this post if you consider it an inspiring one!

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