40 Lovely Pumpkin Wedding Decor Ideas

Pumpkins are all about fall, they bring joy and coziness at once, and that’s why they are used so much for fall and Halloween decor. Weddings are no exception: you may often see pumpkins used at fall and Halloween weddings to make them a bit cuter and more rustic, and therefore cozy. I’ve gathered some fresh ways to use pumpkins for wedding decor, take a look!

Pumpkin Wedding Ceremony Decor

Pumpkins are ideal to decorate a rustic fall wedding ceremony space. Line up your wedding aisle with pumpkins – they can act as vases for bright blooms or just can be displayed with candles, fall leaves and other stuff you like. You may stack them at the entrance or make a beautiful wedding altar that would include tree stumps, candles and pumpkins.

Pumpkin Wedding Reception Decor

Pumpkins are often used as vases in the fall, and at your wedding you may do the same: skip fancy vases and use pumpkins. Pumpkins and gourds can be also used to create other wedding centerpieces, you can pair them up with blooms, leaves, fruits and veggies, with antlers and skulls and much other stuff, just place them right on the table or on each other and voila. A pumpkin can be used as a table number – just cut it in the pumpkin and use it as additional decor. Using pumpkins as candle lanterns is also a cute idea – cut out your monograms or just hearts and voila!

Other Pumpkin Wedding Decor

Stack pumpkins pairing them up with greenery and blooms anywhere, in any part of your venue. If you have stairs, place pumpkins and candles on them, basically, they can be used in every part of your space. Use a pumpkin as a card holder or as a box for cards and wishes from your guests – that’s a very creative and cool DIY! The good thing about pumpkin wedding decor is that you may use them everywhere and all these are easy DIY projects, get inspired!

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