38 Woodland Wedding Ideas That Really Inspire

Woodlands and forests are amazing to tie the knot, you feel in the middle of nature, there are gorgeous views all around and you can also pull off a mystical or fantasy wedding theme if you want. We’ve gathered some really stunning woodland wedding ideas that are sure to inspire you to have one, take a peek!

Woodland Wedding Tables And Centerpieces

Create a gorgeous woodland wedding tablescape: incorporate greenery, moss, succulents, herbs, ferns, branches and antlers, spice it up with agates and rocks, go for fruits and berries for a decadent feel. Candles of various kinds will make the tablescape more refined and create a mood, and wildflowers will give a slight boho feel to the table. You may also incorporate lush florals in bold colors to make them stand out and pair them with fruits for a boho lux feel.

Woodland or forest wedding centerpieces can be composed of wood stumps, greenery and blooms, feathers and antlers for a boho feel, even mushrooms and berries. There are lots of ideas and you just need to turn on your imagination and create something cool.

Other Forest Wedding Décor

Decorate your wedding arch with greenery and ferns, go for antlers and herbs and maybe pinecones. If you want to go more eco-friendly, use a living tree decorating it with lush blooms and this way creating a beautiful wedding altar right in the middle of the forest. Use bold and jewel tones or neutrals to make them stand out in the woodlands, enjoy the natural beauty around, which is a perfect backdrop for anything – you don’t need any special ones.

Forest Wedding Cakes

Go for a yummy naked wedding cake or a semi naked one, with greenery and ferns pressed right to the cake and placed on top. Skip any formal cakes – woodland and forest weddings aren’t usually formal, and focus on naked and simple ones, on homemade pies and tarts. Enjoy!

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