36 Ways To Incorporate Pampas Grass Into Your Wedding Decor

36 Ways To Incorporate Pampas Grass Into Your Wedding Decor

    Pampas is a type of grass with an amazing look, and more and more couples incorporate it into their wedding decor. Pampas won’t wither, can stand heat and looks awesome in any combos with succulents and flowers or just itself as it is. Wanna know how to use it on your big day?

Aisle Decor

    Pampas grass is awesome for lining up an aisle or a walkway, it looks very eye-catching and chic. Pampas works amazing for most of wedding styles including boho chic, desert, coastal, rustic and so on, and pampas looks amazing with any kinds of succulents or flowers, and you can go just for pampas, it’s amazing. The vases and containers are up to you as this grass doesn’t require any water, you can place it in anything.

Ceremony Spot Decor

    Pampas is stunning for wedding backdrops, believe me, you won’t find anything so unique and not cliched as pampas. Pampas can be used for decorating your wedding arch also, and sometimes some grass and candle lanterns are enough. You can also mix pampas with airy fabrics, bold florals for a contrast or hang some pieces of it on the arch.

Table Decor

    Pampas is amazing for creating centerpieces: put it in vases or crates or your choice, and voila! You can mix it with flowers, lotus, foliage and all types of greenery, that all will look cool. One more very eye-catching idea is hanging a pampas installation above the reception instead of usual centerpieces.

Bridal Bouquets

    Pampas is perfect for creating monoboquets just of it. but if you want to add something else, it can be anything: from neutral to bold florals, feathers, succulents, greenery and other stuff. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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