36 Moss Wedding Decor Ideas You’ll Like

Moss is a great thing to include into your wedding décor to make it budget-friendly and cool. It will be a cool idea for a rustic, woodland, farmhouse, backyard and many other weddings and it looks very natural. How to incorporate it into your décor?

Moss Wedding Centerpieces

Include moss into your wedding centerpieces: cover a wood slice and place some blooms on top, go for a terrarium or crate with moss, succulents and greenery. Go for a cloche with moss, mushrooms, succulents and candles. There are many centerpieces that can be done with moss, it will give a relaxed natural feel to your décor.

Moss Wedding Table Runners

A moss table runner is an ideal piece, you can dot it with petals, wildflowers, succulents, votives, pebbles, greenery, wood slices and other stuff. Such a runner is amazing for a woodland or enchanted forest wedding.

Other Ideas

Moss can be also used for placemats, for creating fantastic chandeliers with lights and butterflies, to make a table number. Go for a seating chart of moss in a frame and some wood slices or cards, cover your steps with moss, petals and candles. Turn on your imagination and create more decorations with moss!

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