35 Winter Wedding Wreaths That You’ll Love

35 Winter Wedding Wreaths That You’ll Love

    A wreath isn’t only a popular decoration for home at any holiday or season, it can be a fantastic decor idea for winter weddings, so cool, so festive and so budget-friendly! Wreaths may be made of evergreen branches, eucalyptus, vine, various leaves and greenery, with traditional winter flowers and berries, and there are a lot of way to use them for decor.

Wedding Door Decor

    Decorate your venue or church doors with cool symmetrical wreaths or hang some on the doors where the bride or the couple lives. They will make your special day and give a festive look to the place.

Wedding Backdrops

    If you are having a winter wedding, there’s nothing more natural and cool-looking than a winter wreath with pinecones for your backdrops. They are easy to DIY, won’t cost a lot and will bring an amazing festive feel to the venue. They can be backdrops for your ceremony, reception or dessert table, just add a bold bow.

Wedding Chair Decor

    Decorate your chairs with cute winter wreaths of greenery and hang them using cool plaid or red ribbon, so your wedding reception will be filled with festive spirit. The size is up to you and you can also add signs like ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ to the wreaths.

Other Ideas

    Evergreen wreaths can be used instead of centerpieces, for displaying wedding cakes and you can also use it instead of a usual collar for your dogs. Get inspired!

by Mia

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