35 Teapot And Coffee Pot Wedding Centerpieces

If you want to make your wedding centerpiece whimsier, look for a substitute for a usual vase – a teapot or a coffee pot. A teapot or a coffee pot wedding centerpiece can fit many wedding styles: rustic, vintage, shabby chic, modern and some others, and you can easily arrange them yourself – DIYing such centerpieces is easy. Here are some ideas you may steal, take a look!

Teapot Wedding Centerpieces

Teapots can be different: floral ones, neutral with metallic touches, pastel, bright, painted, whimsically hand painted, bright and colorful and with a more modern or more vintage design – choose the pieces that fit your wedding style. Arrange the blooms and greenery in the colors of your wedding – neutral, pastel, bold or any other, texturize the arrangement with herbs and greenery. Place your teapot on a piece that highlights your wedding style: a moss pillow for a woodland wedding, a wood slice for a rustic wedding, a stack of books with pearls for a vintage wedding. Surround your centerpiece with candles and add personalized touches and voila!

Coffee Pot Wedding Centerpieces

A coffee pot usually brings a more vintage and refined feel to the table, especially if it’s of silver. Create a beautiful floral arrangement or add greenery or lavender to make your centerpiece more modern, add a frame, pearls, books and voila – your gorgeous centerpiece is ready. Enjoy!

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