35 Stunning Eucalyptus Wedding Decor Ideas

35 Stunning Eucalyptus Wedding Decor Ideas

Eucalyptus is amazing for weddings! These beautiful leaves fit any wedding style and theme and look gorgeous everywhere! Here are some ideas to decorate your wedding with eucalyptus, and if they aren’t enough take a look at our Part 2!

Arches, Backdrops and Aisles

Decorate your wedding aisle with awesome eucalyptus garlands and bunches, add flowers and ribbon. Put leaves instead of petals on your aisle, decorate your altar or arch with eucalyptus, draperies and flowers.

Wedding Table Decor

Create a cool centerpiece with eucalyptus, flowers and candles or make amazing table runners from leaves and pillar candles. Eucalyptus branches are great for place mats, and a eucalyptus wreath can even substitute a usual centerpiece.

Wedding Bouquets

Eucalyptus branches have become an indispensable part of bridal bouquets, various types of these leaves look stunning in different bouquets. Mix eucalyptus with your favorite flowers, or just make a greenery bouquet with fern and succulents.

Other Ideas

You make a cool greenery crown for yourself, your bridesmaids and even a collar for your dog. Decorate your signs, tables and reception and of course venue chairs with eucalyptus, add a subtle
green touch to your wedding.

by Mia

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