35 Incredible Colorful Wedding Arches And Altars

One of the hottest trends in weddings right now is plenty of color as color is mood-boosting and optimistic. Lush and lavish wedding decor is another trend, and if you wanna give your celebration a modern and edgy feel, you may pair up these trends and go for colorful wedding florals that will give a wow effect to your decor. Today I’ll share some pretty examples of colorful wedding arches and altars because a wedding arch is a decoration that is incredibly important. A wedding arch takes over the whole ceremony space causing emotions and feelings, making your ceremony more touching and inspiring, showing off your wedding style. A bold and colorful wedding arch is sure to be unforgettable, take a look below to find your perfect option.

Bright Wedding Arches Of One Tone

A super bright wedding arch but done in a single tone or just a couple of tones will be an elegant solution for a summer, fall or even winter wedding. Summer couples often choose fuchsia, hot pink or orange, fall couples often prefer deep red and burgundy, purple with lilac, mustard and orange, hot red and burgundy, and winter couples usually choose shades of red for a statement. Think round wedding arches that are still on trend, overgrown blooms, another bold direction in wedding decor or naturally grown blooms on the arch – that’s hot!

All Colorful Wedding Arches

Mixing up all the possible colors in wedding decor is a bold direction that will be on trend not only this year but years after that as we all wanna feel party and festivities. That’s why feel free to take all the possible colorful florals you can for creating a one-of-a-kind wedding arch. Yellow, blue, purple, fuchsia, pink, red, orange, green and many other shades on one wedding arch will be your trendy craziness! Such a wedding arch, whether it’s incredibly lush or more delicate, will be remembered for years – by you and your guests. Take a look at some cool ideas of such decorations below!

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