34 Loft Wedding Ceremony Space Decor Ideas

Many couples today choose to tie the knot in a loft, which is usually industrial or just modern and minimal. How to style and decorate your loft for the wedding? I’ve prepared some chic ideas to create a beautiful wedding ceremony space that will warm your heart, take a look!

Arches And Backdrops

First of all, decide what you want: a backdrop or an arch or just some installation, chose what fits your wedding style better. The arch can be done with blooms, greenery, foliage, it can be surrounded with candles and candle lanterns and you may also place a boho rug in case it’s a free-spirited wedding. A trendy idea is a floating wedding arch or an installation, which can be made of macramé, fringe, foliage and herbs. A backdrop can be made of wood or plywood, refreshed with greenery and blooms and lit up with candles. If you want to soften the space visually, go for lush florals and foliage – as much as possible.

Aisle Décor

How to accent the aisle if you want that? Line it up with candles, petals, greenery or floral and greenery arrangements hanging on chairs. Place candles or candle lanterns on tree stumps to add an organic feel. Get more ideas below!

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