34 Boho Wedding Arches And Backdrops That Inspire

34 Boho Wedding Arches And Backdrops That Inspire

    Boho weddings are all the rage! If you are going for one, you’ll like today’s roundup as it’s dedicated to boho wedding arches and altars, take a look at them and get inspired!

Triangle Boho Wedding Arches

    A triangle wedding arch is one of the trendiest and hottest ideas – it’s very boho-like. Decorate such an arch with herbs, dried blooms, greenery, flowers and pampas grass, which is another hot idea to try. Hang a couple of dream catchers on the arch and layer some cool rugs under it, and voila!

Teepee Boho Wedding Arches

    A teepee is another very boho idea, it’s even more boho-like than triangles. It can be made of branches or sticks, if it’s spring, go for blooming branches, for example, cherry ones. Add rugs, candles, greenery, flowers and herbs.

Other Boho Wedding Arches

    Go for more traditional arch shapes but rock really boho decor: macrame hangings, dreamcatchers, lush florals, antlers, florals, dried leaves and blooms and so on. Take the location of your ceremony into consideration: if it’s a tropical wedding, add monstera and banana leaves, if it’s a woodland wedding, hang your macrame backdrop right on a tree branch and so on. Enjoy your boho fest!

by Mia

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