32 Rustic Wedding Arches And Altars

Rustic weddings with their coziness never go out of style – they are always here, getting more elegant and chic, or more boho, or more relaxed. Rustic weddings suppose rustic decor, and I’m here to share some beautiful rustic wedding arches and altars that will inspire you!

Greenery Rustic Wedding Arches

Planning a non-floral wedding? Then you may rock a greenery wedding arch – a usual or a round one, a triangle one or even an altar. Cover it with greenery you like adding as much as you want and make sure it features a lot of texture. At the base of the arch you may place candles, candle lanterns or some hay stacks for a rustic look. If you are having a fall wedding, you may choose foliage not only of green shades but also of super bold fall colors for a spectacular look.

Neutral Rustic Wedding Arches

If you aren’t rocking bold colors, a neutral rustic wedding arch will be a nice solution. Choose any arch shape and go for any stains of wood, decorate the arch with greenery and foliage and some neutral or pastel blooms that you like. You may also add neutral fabric, blooms or candles hanging in jars and stuff like that.  

Colorful Rustic Wedding Arches

Wanna turn on the brights? No problem! There are many bold blooms you may use for decorating your rustic wedding arch, and the first place is taken by sunflowers. These bright and cheerful blooms perfectly bring that rustic feel and color to the space. Hydrangeas are also considered very rustic, so you may rock them, too. There are many other blooms that can be used for a rustic wedding, and you may see them in the pics below.

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